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Author Guidelines


Dear Authors!

Please be aware of the detailed guidelines on publications in the journal. The current update of the guidelines considers the Order No. 112 (On Publication of the Results of Dissertations to Seek the Scientific Degree of Doctor and Ph. Doctor) and requirements to the editions included into the list of expert scientific media in Ukraine upon the Order No. 1021 of 07.10.2015 by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

The papers must comply with the following:

1. Handwriting

1.1. Format of the text. Please send your paper to the Editor's Office in electronic form, MS Word (allowed file extensions .doc, .docx, .rtf), font Times New Roman, font size 12, the interval 1,5, margins 2 cm on both sides. To make accentuations, use italic, no underlining. The text shall be free from all repeated spaces and odd line breaks (automatically in Microsoft Word, service "find and replace").

1.2. The volume of the text, including the list of references, tables, illustrations, figure captions shall be: for original articles – 10-12 pages A4 (up to 5,000 words); for literature reviews – 15-18 pages; for observations – 4-6 pages; for reviews – 4 pages.  

Attention! Publication of larger volumes of information is subject to individual consideration. Although, it is possible if, in the Editor's office opinion, it is of great interest to the audience.

In addition to scientific articles, the journal publishes materials from the history of medicine, biographic sketches, jubilee and obituary notices, discussion articles on different matters of the branch, articles on congresses and conferences, articles to share experience, advertisings, reviews, etc.

1.4. Languages of publications. For publication, the Editor's office accepts handwritings composed in Ukrainian and English. Metadata of the articles appear in the journal in two languages (Ukrainian and English). Typing, please check the proper settings of your keyboard.

For instance, it is unacceptable to interchange English “i” and Ukrainian “i” despite their visual identity.

2. An article must have the following structural elements:

  • title page;
  • abstract;
  • keywords;
  • text of the paper (including tables, figures);
  • supplement information;
  • literature.

2.1. A title page must contain the article's UDC and its title in Ukrainian and English. The title of the article must fully reflect its subject matter and topic. It should neither be too brief nor contain over 100 symbols. Please write the title of your paper in small letters, except for the first word and proper nouns.

2.2. An abstract to the paper shall be in two languages (in Ukrainian and English). The abstract contains the majority of information required to index the article in information systems and scientometric databases in Ukraine and abroad. The volume of the abstract should be about 250 words or 2,000 symbols. The abstract must be structured and contain the following obligatory components: relevance, task, materials and methods, results, conclusions of the study. Results shall be not less than 50% of the total volume. Abstracts of reviews, lectures, discussion articles could have free-form. 

The text of the article must be coherent. Consider using words as hence, moreover, for instance, finally, etc. Please do not use machine translation systems to translate your abstract to other languages required. The abstract should not contain abbreviations, except for commonly used (for example, DNA), foot-notes, references to literature sources.

2.3. Keywords. Please choose 3-6 words or word combinations, reflecting the content of your research for the indexation of your article with search engines. Keywords of reviews shall contain the word review. Keywords must be identical in Ukrainian and English. Please detach them with a semicolon.

2.4. For the tables, please use the font Times New Roman, size 10, without service characters inside. The Editor's Board does not accept the papers with the tables constructed in a tabulator. Make sure that the tables are vivid and that their titles reflect their content. Please indicate the table's position and number in the text.

2.5. Text of the article. The structure of the complete handwriting reporting on results of original research shall comply with generally accepted templates and have compulsory parts as an introduction; task; materials and methods; results; discussion; conclusions.

2.6. The list of the literature – References. An optimal amount of cited publications for the original articles and lectures is 20-30; for the reviews – 40-60. It is advisable to quote original research papers published in the nearest cent 5-7 years in foreign media. Try not to refer to the abstracts of conferences, monographs. The list of references shall not include unpublished papers, official documents, handwritings of dissertations, course-books, and books of reference. Please provide additional details of the source – DOI, PubMed ID, etc. For publication of an article in an international scientific journal, half or more literature sources must have DOI index. Before you make the list of references, please verify them on or

Each source shall appear in the list from a separate line under the index number, indicated in the text of the paper in square brackets.

Titles of the publications in Cyrillic require transliteration with Latin letters.  Please use an official title if available. Where it is not the case, make your transliteration.

The sequence of the sources shall correspond to the order of their appearance in the text. The list of the sources shall be arranged according to Vancouver Style (

The correctness of the information in the list of references is the author's responsibility.

2.7. Delivery of the handwriting. The Editor's office accepts for publication only the handwritings not published yet and not sent to other journals for publication. Please send the article to the e-mail address of the Editor's office in a single file, containing all the elements required (the title page, the abstract, keywords, main text, tables, references, details of the authors). In separate files, please send cover documents and copies of graphic elements (figures, schemes, diagrams) in their original software formats.  If you use photos or pixel images to illustrate your research, please add a copy thereof in *JPG or*TIF of the original size, with isolation capability 300-point x inch. The actual size of the pictures in centimeters shall be enough for straightforward perception and easy reading of the content. The color palette shall be RGB or CMYK, not compressed.  The illustrations must be contrast and well-defined.

Cover documents. Please support an original article with a cover letter by the head of the research institution, where the research took place. Your cover document shall also include a declaration on the conflict of interests, agreement of the authors, and a declaration on originality of the publication. Please send these documents to the electronic address of the Editor's office with the paper for publication.

On a separate page, please provide the following information in two languages (Ukrainian, English): full name of each author; scientific grade and degree, position and the official name of the institution, e-mail; telephone, ORCHID Science (if applied). Please indicate an author for mailing.

3. All articles are subject to compulsory review. The Editor's office is entitled to return the paper to its author for corrections or shortening.

4. Plagiarism and duplicate publications. The Editor’s office does not accept the articles, containing intentionally improper quotations and reports of scholarship results not belonging to the authors of the material submitted. To verify an article’s originality, available is Advego plagiatus software. The Editor's office reserves the right to check the handwriting submitted for plagiarism. Textual identity over 20% is unacceptable.

The articles, published before or sent for publication to other journals are not accepted.

The author shall carefully check and proofread the article before submission.

The authors are responsible for scientific and literature proofreading of the material, quotations, and references. The Editor's office reserves the right to edit the articles. It can include the scientific and literary editing, and (or) shortening an article without harm to its content). The Editor's office has the right to reject any papers not meeting the requirements for publications in the journal "The Herald of Orthopedics, Traumatology, and Prosthetics" listed above. Declined papers shall be neither considered nor returned. No disks, handwritings, figures, images, other materials delivered to the Editor's office are subject to return. 

Subscribers of the journal have the priority right for publication (please add a copy of your prepayment receipt).

Address for the materials for publication:

The procedure of accepting the materials for publication:

Examination as to form (compliance of the text with the requirement stated above) and plagiarism examination. The author will be notified with an e-mail message on compliance/non-compliance of the paper being delivered with the present Guidelines.

If the material of the article complies with the requirements, it undergoes the double-blind review. The author will receive a letter of notification on possibility/impossibility to include the article into the publications of the Journal in three weeks. Any negative reviews, comments, and propositions shall be sent to the author.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.