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By the Editorial board

The founders of the “TERRA ORTHOPAEDICA” intended it to highlight the achievements of Ukrainian medical science in the sphere of orthopedics and traumatology. It was over 20 years ago when its first volume saw the world. During this brief period, the jump of technologies and communication means has changed significantly a traditional concept of how to publish the results of scholarship researches. Hence fundamental principles of science and academic honesty remain the keystone for scientific publications.

Treating ourselves as an integral part of the world scientific society, we declare the following.

The “TERRA ORTHOPAEDICA” publishes original papers from the whole world. The publications shall concern to orthopedics and traumatology, and the branches of science relating to orthopedics and traumatology. Incorporation of orthopedic surgeons and traumatologists of Ukraine required to go public about materials relating to orthopedics and traumatology, including instructional courses, materials of conferences, discussion, consensuses, and others.

The authors shall declare meeting ethical standards of Helsinki on human rights (1964) and approval with the local bioethics committee. Experimental researches involving animals require declaration according to the “Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals. 8th Edition.” ( and the Order by the HCM of Ukraine №416/20729 of 01.03.2012 “Approval of the Procedure of Animal Tests in Research Institutes".

The Journal reserves the right to reject any handwriting inconsistent with these requirements. Authors are fully responsible for untrue information or their papers' non-compliance with the requirements.

Copyright. Since an article’s acceptance for publication, the Journal “TERRA ORTHOPAEDICA” obtains the copyrights. All original papers, photos, and other materials, published in the by “TERRA ORTHOPAEDICA” are protected by Copyright Law, governing the exclusive right for reprint, republication, as well as for translation. 

Disclaimer. The “TERRA ORTHOPAEDICA” publishes promotional materials. Trustworthy, correctness, and legality of the ads is the responsibility of the advertiser. The “TERRA ORTHOPAEDICA” is neutral towards the marketing materials placed on its pages. It means neither approval nor promotion for the products advertised in any form.

Detailed guidelines on the submission of the papers, with updates, please find on the Journal's website -


Details of establishing and activities of editor office of the journal “TERRA ORTHOPAEDICA” and the quality of the scientific journals published by the scholar institutions of NAMS of Ukraine

1. Name of the founder (co-founders): SI "The Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics by NAMS of Ukraine".

2. Name of the publishing house: “The Publishing House “Nash Format” LLC.

3. Title of the journal: “TERRA ORTHOPAEDICA”. Editor-in-Chief –, professor, honored doctor of Ukraine, head of Department for Microsurgery and Recovery Surgery of Upper Limb – Strafun S.S.

4. Legal registration of the journal: Terra Orthopaedica Серія КВ № 25385-15325ПР  11.01.2023 р. Established on October 1999 as "HERALD of ORTHOPEDICS, TRAUMATOLOGY and PROSTHETICS" (until 2022 inclusive).

5. The scientific specialization of the journal: medicine – ORTHOPEDICS, TRAUMA CARE, AND ARTHROSCOPY.

6. Novelty and topicality of the journal, compared to those existing in the branch of science: advanced training for physicians, increasing the awareness about modern surgical techniques, new technologies and methods for diagnostics and treatment, discussion, experience exchange with foreign expert, etc.

7. Year of the first issue of the journal: 2000. The average number of pages in the journal: 88.

8. Print run: 500 – 1000 copies.

9. The journal is present in the register of the State Accreditation Committee (SAC): yes;

10. A digital copy of the journal appears on the web-site of Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine: yes.

11. The edition is present in scientometric and abstract databases (SCOPUS, etc.): yes.

12. Publication frequency: scheduled – 4 times a year; actual – 4 times a year.

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