Main Surgical Methods of Critical Tibial Bone Defects Replacement (Literature Review)
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bone defect
critical defect
acute shortening
bone autoplasty
Masquelet technique

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Hrytsai, M., Kolov, H., Sabadosh, V., Vyderko, R., Polovyi, A., & НutsailiukV. (2024). Main Surgical Methods of Critical Tibial Bone Defects Replacement (Literature Review): Part I. TERRA ORTHOPAEDICA, (1(120), 42-49.


Summary. The literature review is devoted to the main methods of critical bone defects replacement of the tibia. A search in the PubMed database for the period 2007-2023 was carried out. Preference was given to the material of the last 5 years; the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular methods of treatment are shown. This article provides a descriptive, non-systematic review of the current literature on methods of tibial bone defect replacement and possible directions for future research. A thorough search in the PubMed database was performed using relevant search terms, with peer-reviewed articles in English identified and evaluated. No rigid inclusion or exclusion criteria were used to select articles for full text review. Instead, a subjective assessment was made of the relevance of individual articles to the overall narrative and surgical technique review, which ultimately resulted in 43 articles being referenced. Two additional references were found, independent of the initial search.
ARTICLE PDF (Українська)


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