No. 1(104) (2020): Herald of Orthopaedics, Traumatology and Prosthetics
Herald of Orthopaedics, Traumatology and Prosthetics

ISSN 0132-2486

Publisher: SI "The Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of NAMS of Ukraine"


G.V. Gayko , S. Mahomedov , O.G. Gayko , S.N. Besedynskyi , T.A. Kuzub , L.V. Polyshchuk
Features of the Metabolism of Organic and Inorganic Matrix of Bone Tissue in Patients with Degenerative-Dystrophic Changes in the Hip Joint
S.S. Strafun , S.V. Bohdan , L.M. Yuriichuk , R.O. Serhiienko
Analysis of the Сauses of the Development of Osteoarthrosis of the Shoulder Joint in Patients After Fractures of the Proximal Epimetaphysis of the Humerus
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O.A. Turchyn , A.P. Liabakh , O.O. Kostrub
Factors Affecting the Results of Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis and Their Prognostic Value
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O.B. Liutko , K.V. Vytrak , Y.Iu. Mytiakyna
Determination of Sensitivity of Сlinical Strains of S. aureus Isolated from Patients with Orthopedic and Traumatological Pathology to the Antibacterial Agent “Piophagus”
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O.O. Kostrub, V.V. Kotiuk , O.B. Liutko , H.B. Kolov , R.I. Blonskyi , I.A. Zasadniuk
Differential Diagnosis of Reactive and Infectious Arthritis after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
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G.V. Gayko, O.A. Galuzinskiy, T.V. Nizalov, R.A. Kozak, V.B. Zayets, P.S. Chernyak
Determination of dependence of coxartrosis progression form on vertical posture option patients hip-lumbar syndrome
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L.Yu. Naumenko , K.Yu. Kostrytsia , A.O. Mametiev
Surgical Treatment of Persistent Contractures of the Interphalangeal Joints of the Fingers
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Yu.Ia Yaminskyi
Complex Restorative Treatment of Patients with Post-Traumatic Tetraparesis
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S.S. Strafun , S.V. Bohdan , S.M. Abbasov
Bone Densitometry Indices of Humerus Bone in Patients with Partial Rupture of the Supraspinatus Tendon
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S.S. Strafun , O.A. Burianov , V.V. Povorozniuk , O.G. Gayko , N.V. Hryhorieva , S.V. Tymoshenko, V.V. Kotiuk
Multidisciplinary Consensus: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1. Basic Principles of Diagnostics and Treatment
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V.I. Tsymbaliuk , S.S. Strafun , I.B. Tretiak , O.V. Borzykh , I.M. Kurinnyi , O.G. Gayko , V.V. Haiovych , O.V. Reznikov , A.S. Lysak
Multidisciplinary Consensus: Brachial Plexus Injuries. Basic Principles of Diagnostics and Treatment
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