Current State of the Posterior Malleolus Osteosynthesis Concept in Patients with Ankle Fractures (Literature Review)
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posterior malleolus
ankle joint
trimalleolar fracture

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Kucher, I., & Liabakh, A. (2021). Current State of the Posterior Malleolus Osteosynthesis Concept in Patients with Ankle Fractures (Literature Review). TERRA ORTHOPAEDICA, (4(111), 42-52.


Summary. The problem of posterior malleolus (PM) fractures osteosynthesis remains the subject of scientific debate, despite extensive experience in surgical treatment and a large number of biomechanical and clinical studies.

Objective: to analyze current literary concepts of surgical treatment of PM in patients with ankle fractures.

Results and Сonclusions. The available literature does not provide a complete understanding of the problem of surgical treatment of PM fractures. The current consensus suggests that restoring the anatomy of the articular surface of the tibial plateau and concomitant damage to the medial and lateral structures of the ankle joint, along with ensuring its stability, is the key to the successful treatment of РМ injuries. The lack of high-quality recommendations and a unified protocol for the choice of treatment tactics, as well as a sufficiently high percentage of unsatisfactory results determine the need to improve the existing principles of surgical treatment.
ARTICLE PDF (Українська)


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