Systems for the Assessement of a Severe Injuried Limb. Suitability in the Modern War (Literature Review)
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mangled extremity
combat injury

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Liabakh, A. (2023). Systems for the Assessement of a Severe Injuried Limb. Suitability in the Modern War (Literature Review). TERRA ORTHOPAEDICA, (1(116), 58-67.


Summary. The review of the literature is devoted to the consideration of systems for assessing a seriously injured (mangled) extremity and their suitability in combat conditions: HFS-57, MESI, PSI, LSI, MESS, NISSSA, GHOISS, MUES. A search was carried out on the PubMed database for the period 1578-2023. Advantages and disadvantages are shown. The most used for combat limbs injury is MESS.
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